Diable Vert

Key: G

Form: Reel


X: 1
T: le Diable Vert
S: Printed MS from Debby Knight
Z: 2008 John Chambers 
M: C|
L: 1/8
K: G
DC \
| "G"B,G,B,D GDGB | ed ~d2 dBGB \
| "C"cBAG "D7"FDEF |1,3 "G"GBAG "D7"FE \
:|2,4 "G"GB"D"AF "G"G2 :|
|: GA \
| "Em"[B3E3][BE] [B2E2] ef | "Em"gfeg "Bm"fB~B2 \
| "Em"eBBe B[eB]ef | "Em"gB{c}BA "D"BAGA |
| "Em"BEBE B2 ef | "Em"gfeg "Bm"fB~B2 \
| "C"efg{f}e "G"dBGB | "D7"cBAF "G"G2 :|

MP3: Recorded at the Northeast Heritage Music Camp, June, 2017.

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