Tech Notes: MIDI files

Technical Notes: As of this writing, Apple’s iPads and iPhones do not seem to support playing midi files.  However, after some research, I find that there is an app for that; Sweet Midi, from Roni Music, the same folks who brought you Amazing Slow Downer.  It will actually do much more than play midi files on your Apple tablet or phone, but that alone is worth the modest price of the app.

Also, unlike Firefox and Internet Explorer, in Chrome, links to .midi (or .mid) files don’t open a player but offer only to let you download the file. which you can then open in QuickTime, Windows Media Player and most other desktop players.

HOWEVER, if you’re on an Apple computer with macOS Catalina, 19.15 or later, it won’t play midi files.  BUT there’s an app for that; download and install MIDIPlayer X, an inexpensive player to fix this failure of macOS.