Gale, The

Key: Am (“more or less” according to David Kaynor)

Form: Reel


X: 1
T: the Gale
C: Susan Conger (1997)
R: reel
Z: 2020 John Chambers 
M: C
L: 1/8
K: Am
"Am"AEE2 A2AB | cBce a4 | "Dm"fdd2 "Am"ecc2 | "E"BABc B2^g2 |
"Am"aee2 a2ab | aged c2c2 | "E"BcBc BeBe | B^gBg "Am"a4 :|
"A"ae^ce aece | "Dm"afdf afdf | "G"gdBd gdBd | "C"gece gece |
"Dm"fdAd fdAd | "Am"ecAc ecAc | "E"BcBc BeBe | B^gBg "Am"a4 :|


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Source (if known): Susan Conger (copyright)

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Region: USA

Notes:  The composer, Susan Conger, writes: “I do think the chord progression is important to the tune. Here it is:
Am Am / Am Am / Dm Am / E E /
Am Am / Am Am / E E / E Am ://

A A / Dm Dm / G G / C C /
Dm Dm / Am Am / E E / E Am://