Trettondedagsmarschen (Thirteenth Day March)

Key: A

Form: March


X: 1
T: Trettondedagsmarschen
M:4/4     %Meter
L:1/8     %
Ac |"A"e2 a2 abag |"D"a2 f2 f2 ed |f2 ed "D"f2 dc |"Bm"B6 c2 |
"E"d4 d2 B2 |G2 E2 D2 C2 |"E7"B,2 E2 GABG |"A"AGAB cBcd |
e2 a2 abag |"D"a2 f2 f2 ed |f2 ed f2 dc |"Bm"B6 c2 |
"E"d4 d2 B2 |G2 E2 D2 C2 |"E7"B,2 E2 GABG |"A"A6 c2 ||
|:"A"Acec acec |Acec acec |"E"Bege bege |Bege bege |
"A"Acec acec |"F#m"Acec acec |"Bm7"B2 cd "E7"EGBG |"A"A6 "<("">)"c2 :|

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Source: Hjort Anders Olsson

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Region: Sweden