Madame Bonaparte

Key: A*

Form: Hornpipe


X: 1
T:Madame Bonaparte
C:Alistair Anderson*
S:Nottingham Music Database
K:A % transposed from G
ed|"A"c2cB cecA|"D"d2dc dfdB|"A"Aceg "F#m"agaf|"Bm"e3f "E7"edcB|
"A"c2cB cecA|"D"dcde fgaf|"A"ecAc "E7"dBGB|"A"A2AG A2:|
cB|Aceg "F#m"agaf|"Bm"e3f "E7"edcB|"A"Aceg "F#m"agaf|"Bm"e3f "E7"edcB|
"A"ceae ceae|"Bm"dfaf dfae|"A"ceae ceae|"E7"Begf gfed|
"A"ceae ceae|"D"dcde fgaf|"A"ecAc "E7"dBGB|"A"A2AG A2:|


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Sheet Music in PDF: Madame Bonaparte


Source (if known): Alistair Anderson?* Can you help?

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Region: Ireland? Can you help?

*Notes: Our rendition in the MP3 above is in A major but many references show it also in G major, as in the video above.

The ABC above attributes the tune to Alistair Anderson, but it may be much older as mentioned in this comment by  on The Session: “I made some inquiries and was informed the tune has historical associations with James Gandsey (1767-1857), piper to the Barons Headley, whose estate was near Killarney.”