Coleman’s March

Key: D

Form: March


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X: 1
T: Coleman's March
R: march, reel
Z: 2011 John Chambers 
M: C|
L: 1/8
K: D
"A7"ABAG |\
"D"F4- F4 | "G"G6 FG | "D"A2-AB AG F2 | "A7"E6 FG |\
"D"A2d2 "A7"c4 | "G"B2{c}BA "D"FED2 | "Em"E2EF "A7"GFE2 | "D"D4 :|
|: DFAc |\
"D"d6 e2 | "A"c6 A2 | "G"B2Bc dcB2 | "D"A6 FG |\
"D"A2d2 "A7"c4 | "G"B2{c}BA "D"FED2 | "Em"E2EF "A7"GFE2 | "D"D4 :|

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Melody & harmony

Mandolin tab










Source: Traditional*

Other Tunes in Set: The Wise Maid

Region: Ireland?

*Notes: From vonnieestes on The Session: “David Kaynor introduced this lovely tune to us. Legend has it that Coleman played it on his guitar as he was sitting on his coffin while being carted away to the noose in the 1880s, having been wrongfully accused by his live-in sister-in-law of murdering his wife.”

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