Mouth of the Tobique

Key: G

Form: Reel


X: 1
T:Mouth of the Tobique (3 parts)
Z:Gregory R. Taylor"  irtrad-l 2000-09-01
(3DEF|:GF GA (3Bcd ed|Bd BA GB AG|\
AB AF DF AF|1 GA Bc d2 (3DEF:|2 GB AF G2 ef||
|:gf ga gd Bg|fd Ad f2 gf|ed cB AG FD|1 GA Bc d2 ef:|2 GB AF G2 z (3D/E/F/||
|:G [BG] z [c2G2] z [B2G2]| z2 [c2G2] z [B2G2] z| FG AB cA FD|GA Bc d2 (3DEF|
G [BG] z [c2G2] z [B2G2]| z2 [c2G2] z [B2G2] z| FG AB cA FD|GB AF G2 (3DEF :|

MP3*: (played by Susan Reid)

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Midi:* Tob2

(Tune starts at about 0:49 in this video.)

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Source: Traditional

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Region: Canada (New Brunswick)

*Notes: There seems to be considerable variety in ways this tune is played.