Key:  D

Form:  Waltz

First Notes (ABC): |:A3 BA2|A2d2f2|B3cB2|B2e2g2|a3ge/c/|a3ge/c/|1B2c2B2|A6:|2A2B2c2|d6|

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Link (Midi or Youtube): Loungval

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Source (if known): Pipe Major George Stoddart

Other Tunes in Set: Amelia’s, Morag’s Waltz

Region: Scotland

Notes: The melody is named after a village in France, one of the first objectives for the allies in the Battle of the Somme, July, 1916. The attack was a disaster; the British incurred some sixty thousand casualties the first day, one third of which were killed in action. The tune is most often credited to Pipe Major George Stoddart, although some say he only arranged the tune.  It’s on an obscure Buddy McMaster cassette tape release, Glencoe Hall.