Rays of Hope* (formerly 2019-10-19 Waltz)

Key: G
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Form: Waltz


T:Rays of Hope
C:©2019 David A. Kaynor and Rebecca R. Weiss
D2 | "G"G3 F G2 |"D"A4d2 | "G" B6- | B4 D2 |
"Em"G3 F G2 | "Am"E3 D C2 | "D"D6- | D4 D2 |
"G"G3 F G2 | "D"A4 d2 | "G"B6- | B4 D2|
"C"E3FG2 | G3AB2 | "D"A6- | "D7"A4D2 ||
"G"G3 F G2 |"D"A4d2 | "G" B6- | B4 D2 |
"Em"G3 F G2 | "Am"E3 D C2 | "D"D6- | D4 D2 |
"G"G3 F G2 | "D"A4 d2 | "G"B6- | B4 D2 |
"C"E3FG2 | "D"G4F2 | "G"G6- | G2||
|:B2d2| "G"g3 a g2 | "D"f4 d2 | "C"e6- | e4 ef |
"G"g3ag2 | "Am"e2d2c2 | "D"d6- | d2e2f2 |
"G"g3ag2 | "D"f4d2 | "C"e6- | e2f2g2 |
"G"d3cB2 | "D"A2G2F2 |1 "G"G6- | G2:|2"G"G6- | G4|]

T:Rays of Hope (Low Harmony)
C:©2019 David A. Kaynor
A,2 | "G"D3DD2 | "D"F4A2 | "G"G6- | G4 B,2 |
"Em"E3 D E2 | "Am"C3A,A,2 | "D"A,6- | A,4 A,2 |
"G"D3DD2 | "D"F4A2 | "G"G6- | G4 B,2 |
"C"C3DE2 | E3FG2 | "D"F6- | "D7"F4 A,2 ||
"G"D3DD2 | "D"F4A2 | "G"G6- | G4 B,2 |
"Em"E3 D E2 | "Am"C3A,A,2 | "D"A,6- | A,4 A,2 |
"G"D3DD2 | "D"F4A2 | "G"G6- | G4 B,2 |
"C"C3DE2 | "D"D4C2 | "G"[D6B,6]- | [D2B,2]||
|:G2B2| "G"d3dd2 | "D"d4B2 | "C"c6- | c4cd |
"G"d3ed2 | "Am"c2A2E2 | "D"[A6F6]|A2c2d2 |
"G"d3dd2 | "D"d4B2 | "C"c6- | c2d2c2 |
"G"B3AG2 | "D"F2D2C2 |1"G"[D6B,6]-|[D2B,2]:|2"G"[D6B,6]- | [D4B,4]|]


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Low harmony







Sheet Music in PDF:
Rays of Hope
Rays of Hope (Low Harmony)

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Source (if known): David Kaynor and Rebecca Weiss

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Region: USA, New England

Notes: David describes this as a fiddle duet.

*(November 4, 2020)  As many of us know already, David is suffering with ALS. We all wish him the very best and have him in out hearts.  (David passed away on June 1, 2021.)

.His friend Rebecca Weiss wrote about this tune’s original provisional title, 2019-10-19 Waltz, “David and I wrote this tune in October after a day that included walking in fall foliage, sitting by the wood stove, tunes, etc.  It was hard to find a name to sum up the feelings and events of the day, so the date was its title for a few months.  However, we realized that a different title would be a great opportunity to thank the wonderful and supportive people out there.  We decided to officially name this tune “Rays of Hope” in honor of two specific people named Ray who have been helping David out as well as everyone who brings hope.”

David was beloved by many many people in the US, Canada and Sweden (at least) including especially we of the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra where he was our Musical Director and mentor.

I am just one of probably thousands who have been blessed with the joy he brought to traditional musicians and dancers and who, in profound gratitude, wish him nothing but peace and love. –AJ

To see an incomplete listing of tunes David composed, enter “DAK” in the Search box above  (There are a couple of ringers in that list where a tune’s page includes the string dak, for example in “North Dakota”.)