Jimmy o’ the Bu’s Polka

Key: D

Form: Polka


X: 3
T: Jimmy O' The Bu's
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A2A2 AFAd|c2B2 B2ed|c2c2 cABc|dcde fedB|
A2A2 AFAd|c2B2 B2ed|c2c2 cABc|d2f2 d2B2:|
A2f2 fedc|B2g2 g3f|e2a2 ^g2a2|b2a2 ^g2a2|A2f2 fedc|B2g2 g3b|a2f2 g2e2|d2f2 d4:|

MP3: Do you play this tune? Please contribute a non-copyrighted sound file (iPhone recording or equivalent is fine). Contact me via the suggestion form. Meanwhile, check out the YouTube below of Jennifer Wrigley playing. (This tune starts at 2:19.)

Sheet Music: Click image to enlarge. To download, right-click in enlarged image and "Save as...".


Youtube: (Jimmy o’ the Bu’s starts at 2:19 in this video, the second in this set following Shapinsay Polka.)

Source: J Sinclair

Other Tunes in Set: Scapa Flow, Shapinsay Polka

Region: Orkney

Notes: A comment contributed by Len Wilson via the suggestion form:

“In the 1920s and 30s barndances were held at the farm called The Bu’ on the island of Hoy. This was one of the tunes that Jimmy played, sitting on the end of the mill. My uncle Charlie from the neighbouring island of Graemsay was the last person to remember the tune when he passed it to me and to his own son in the 1960s.”

Jimmy is the bearded man in this photo, taken around 1930, of the School Board for Hoy and Graemsay [two of the Orkney Isles], which Len Wilson was so kind to send me, adding that the man with the hat is his grandfather.