Salamonie Waltz

Key: D

Form: Waltz*


X: 1
T:Salamonie Waltz
C:Fred Weaver
"D" F A3 AB|"D7" AA FE DA| "G" B3 G DB,| "Em" G,2 B,G GE|
"D" F A3 AB|"Bm" AA FE DF|"Em" E3 D EF| "A7" G2 F2 E2|
"D" F A3 AB|"D7" AA FE DA| "G" B3 A Bc| "G#dim" d3 c de|
"D"f3 f fd | (3AdA F2 (3FGA| "A7" G2 F2 E2 | "D" D6:|
|:"D" f3 e fg| a3 f ed| "A7" c4 (3cBA| E6|
"A" c3 B cd| "A7" e2 e2 fg| "D" f3 f ed| B d4 B|
"D" d3 e fg| "D7" a3 a fd| "G" b3 b gd| "Em" B4 de|
"D" f4 fd|   (3AdA F2 (3FGA| "A7" G2 F2 E2 | "D" D6:|

MP3: (Played by Susan Reid)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Salamonie


Source: Fred Weaver

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Region: Indiana (?)*, USA

*Notes: This waltz is slightly ‘crooked’ in both the A and B parts.  Note the two-note tags at the end of both parts.  The YouTube performance above gives the tune a nice old-timey feel.

The Salamonie River is in Indiana.