Morag’s Waltz

Key:  D

Form:  Waltz


|: A/G/|"D"F2 D|"Em"G2 E|"A"A B c|"D"d2 F|"G"G2 B|"D"A2 F|"G"A G F|"A"E2 A/G/| "D"F2 D|"Em"G2 E|"A"A B c|"Bm"d2 F|"G"G B e|"A"A c e|"D"d3-|[1 d2 : | [2 d c d || "A"e2 c|A2 a/g/|"D"f2 e|d2 f|"G"g2 B|"E"e2 d|"A"c e c|"A7"A2 A/G/| "D"F A d|f d A|"G"G B e|"A"c2 A|"G"B<G e/d/|"A"c<A f/e/|"D"d3-| [1 d c d : | [2 d3 |]

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Source (if known): Tom Anderson

Other Tunes in Set: Loungval, Amelia’s

Region: Shetland

Notes: Discography: Buddy MacMaster, Glencoe Hall, BM-91