Irish, the (mazurka)*

Key: G

Form: Mazurka


DG|B2 BA GB|d2 dB AB|c2 ce dc|(3Bcd g2 DG|
B2 BA GB|d2 dB AB|c2 cA FA|1 G4:|2 G3 ggf||
|:e2 ce ce|d2 dB AB|c2 cA FA|B2 B ggf|
e2 ce ce|d2 dB AB|c2 cA FA|1 G3 ggf:|2 G4||


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Sheet Music:


Link (Midi or Youtube): This tune starts at about 2:14 in the video below.

Source (if known): Traditional

Other Tunes in Set: A great four-mazurka set includes this tune, Sonny’s MazurkaFrancie’s Mazurka, and Tommy Peoples’ Mazurka.

Region: Ireland

*Notes: It appears that the Irish, in contrast to the Swedes who often don’t name their tunes at all, give a tune a bewildering variety of names. The Session website offers the following alternative names for this tune including those of at least two other tunes on this site:

Brogan’s, Charlie Lennon’s, Francie Mooney’s, Francis Mooney’s, Garrett Barry’s, The Hag With The Fiddle, Hugh Gillespie’s, Johnny Doherty’s, Ó Brógáin’s, The Old Donegal, Old Joe’s, Phroinsias’, The Polka, The Polka-(Mazurka), The Polka-, Sonny Brogan’s, Sonny Ó Brógáin’s, Sonny’s, Vincent Campbell’s.

Also, the MIDI and sheet music above vary somewhat from the way we know it as played in the MP3.