Waiting for the Boatsman

Key: D

Form: A hymn air played quickly enough to be a dance tune


T:Waiting for the Boatsman
S:Melvin Wine
N:A hymn air played quickly enough to be a dance tune.
D:Poplar LPI 40290, Melvin Wine - "Cold Frosty Morning" (1976)
Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz
D2F2|+slide+[A4A4][A2A2]AB|A2F2+slide+[A3A3](A|B2)d3d Bd|A4 D2F2|
[A3A3]A [A2A2]AA|B2A2G2F2|E6F2|E4D2F2|
+slide+[A4A4][A2A2]AB|A2F2+slide+[A3A3](A|B2)d3d  Bd|A4d2f2|
+slide+[e3e3]e efed|c2A2B2c2|[D3d3]d d2d2|d4||

MP3: (played by Sarah Hotchkiss)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Waiting


Source (if known): Melvin Wine*

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*Notes: From the Traditional Tune Archive: “The melody was in the repertoire of fiddler Melvin Wine (1909-2003), of Copen, Braxton County, West Virginia, who played it quickly, almost dance tempo. It is Wine’s derivation of a hymn that he learned from the singing of his mother. Drew Beissewenger, a Wine biographer, says that the fiddler would sometimes sing the hymn’s lyrics before playing the tune. They began:

Oh, I’m waiting for the boatman, he is driving o’er and o’er.”