Nine Pound Hammer, aka Roll on Buddy

Key: G

Form: Song, 4/4 time


X: 1
T:Nine Pound Hammer (Roll On, Buddy)
 z D D E| G/2 G/2- G3| z B3/4 B/4 B3/4 B/4 A| G/2 E/2- E3| z G/2G/2 A G|\
E/2-D/2 D3| z D/2D/2 E G| G4| z d d e| B/2 G/2- G3| z B3/4 B/4 B3/4- A/4 G|\
 E4| z2 _B3/4 G/4 G|E/2-D/2 D3| z D3/4 D/4 E G| G4|:|

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Basic melody w/ guitar tab

With lyrics







Sheet Music in PDF
Nine Pound Hammer Basic
9 Pound Hammer – words


Source (if known): Trad.

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Region: USA, Appalachia?

*Notes: Randy writes, “Aha, the reason there are no sharps [in the basic melody sheet music above] is because it is all from a minor pentatonic scale. Which is the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th or G, B, C, D, and F.”

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