Handsome Young Maidens

Key: A

Form:  Jig


X: 1
T: Handsome Young Maidens
T: Handsome Young Lasses
C: Charlie Lennon
D: Charlie Lennon ...
M: 6/8
Z: Transcribed to abc by Mary Lou Knack; modified and annotated by John Chambers
R: jig
K: A
"A"aed cBA| cde aga| "E"bee dee| Bee bag|
"A"aed cBA| cde aga| "E"bee dee|1 BAG "A"A2e:|2 "E"BAG "A"A2|]
B| \
"A"c2A ABc| "D"dcd "E"fed| "A"cAc aec| "E"B2f fed|
"A"c2A ABc| "D"dcd "E"fed| "A"ece "D"fed| "E"cdB "A"A2B|
"A"c2A ABc| "D"dcd "E"fed| "A"cAc aec| "E"B2f fed|
"A"c2A ABc| "D"dcd "E"fed| "A"ece "D"fef| "E"gfg bag|]

MP3: (played by Susan Reid, David Kaynor and Pam Bockes)

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Source: Charlie Lennon

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Region: Ireland