Morpeth Rant, the

Key:  D

Form:  Reel (rant*)

ABC: |

|:A|d2AG FDFA|BGBd cAce|d2f2 gfed|c2e2 e2Ac|
d2AG FDFA|BGBd cAce|d2f2 gfec|A2d2 d3:|
|:A|dfaf dfaf|gfef g2ef|gfed cABc|defg f2A2|
dfaf dfaf|gfef g2ef|gfed cABc|d2f2 d3:|


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Source (if known): Traditional

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Region: Northumberland, England

*Notes: “[This tune] originated in Northumberland sometime before 1800. It is not a reel, but a rant. The rant is the National Dance of Northumbria and has specific footwork.

“The definitive version, for me, is on a recording by Alastair Anderson, Willy Atkinson and others called Good Old Boys and made at Whitby Festival. It is slower than a reel and less dotted than a hornpipe but swings nicely and goes like a train.”

–from Noel Jackson on The Session

“Northumbria shares with southern Scotland the long history of border ballads, … Many dances from the region have the characteristic rant step.

“One rhythm characteristic of the region is the rant, used for figure dances such as The Morpeth Rant with a characteristic step; musically it is similar to a reel, though somewhat slower, and with more of a lilt.”

–from Wikipedia