Kyrk Laten (Kyrklåt) – the Church Tune

Key: G

Form: March?


L: 1/16
M: 2/4
K: G
D2 |\
G6 DG | A6 AB | c2-c2 e3c | c2BA G2GA | B2-Bd c3B | BAAF D2FG |
A2-Ac B2AF | G6 :: Bc | d2-dg e3d | dccA F2AB | c2{B}ce d3c |
cBdB G2Bc | d2dg e3d | dccA F2FG | A2-Ac B2AF | G6 |]

MP3: Played by David Kaynor

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Source (if known): Arne Modén, learned from David Kaynor

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Region: Sweden

*Notes:  Another YouTube is available of the composer, Arne Modén, playing the tune on an accordion, but for technical reasons I have been unable to embed it in this page.  Try

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