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On this site I try to use only content which is publicly available, but it is often impossible to know if particular material is copyrighted, and if so, who or how to contact for permission. If you own the copyright for anything on this site, please contact me using the Suggestion Form and I will gladly post your copyright or take the material down, as you wish.

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  • Background: I started this site about eleven years ago largely for my own convenience, but it quickly grew to be useful for a number of other musicians in my area.  Since then it has grown far beyond my original vision, with over 1,100 tunes posted and around 4,500 user sessions per month from more than 30 countries.  Until now I have built and maintained the site out of my own pocket but its increasing size and complexity is requiring more outside resources and costs; hence this appeal. So if this site is helpful to you, please consider a small contribution.