Waltz From Orsa

Key: D

Form: Waltz


X: 1
T: Waltz From Orsa
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
R: waltz
K: Dmaj
|A4 A2|B2 AG FA|d4 d2|d2 cA de|f4 a2|a2 gf ed|Ac eg fe|d2 Bd BG|
A4 A2|A2 BA FA|d4 d2|d2 cA de|f4 a2|a2 gf ed|Ac eg fe|1d4 DF:|2d4 a2||
|:b2 gb gb|a2 fd fa|a2 g2 ec|A2 Ad fa|
b2 gb gb|a2 fd fa|a2 g2 ec|1d4 a2:|2d4 A2||
|:A2 d2 g2|f2>e2 d2|d2 gb gb|a2>f2 d2|de =f2=f2|e4 =c2|=c2 Bd BG|
A4 A2|A2 d2 a2|g2>f2 g2|A2 d2 f2|e2>d2 e2|AB c2 d2|B2>A2G2|AB AG EC|D4 D2:|

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Source: Trad.

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Region: Sweden (often played by Irish bands)

Notes: Orsa Municipality (Orsa kommun) is a municipality in Dalarna County in central Sweden. Its seat is located in the town of Orsa.  See Wikipedia.