Multnomah March

Key: A

Form: March


X: 1
T: Multnomah March
C: Bob McQuillen 8 Apr 89
B: Bob's Note Book 9 p. 82
B: Portland Collection v.2 p.141
R: march
Z: 2016 John Chambers 
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
F:	 2023-07-27 143757 UT
K: A
"E7"AB |:\
"A"c>B AE | "D"F A2 B | "A"c>B AB | "C#m"c e2 c/e/ |\
"D"f>efa |[1 "A"fB | "F#m"A>c BA | "E7"FB :|
         |[2 "A"fA | "E7"BA | "A"A2 \
|: "E7"cd |\
"A"e>f ec | e a2 f | e>c AB | "F#m"c f2 c/B/ |
"D"AF F>E |[1 "D"FA  A>F | "A"E>F Ac | "E7"cB :|\
          |[2 "D"FA A>f | "E7"eA | "A"A2 |]

MP3: (Played by Susan Reid)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Multnomah_March


Source: Bob McQuillan

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Region: USA, New Hampshire

Notes: The title refers to a Spring Festival at the Multnomah Art Center in Portland, Oregon.