Our Guiding Star*

Key: D

Form: Air*

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MP3: (This is a full-length (~five minute) performance by the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra with individual musicians contributing remotely during the Covid 19 pandemic and assembled into an ensemble recording by Music Director Peter Macfarlane.  It was composed by Robin Russell and Cynthia Thomas as a tribute to the orchestra’s former, long-time Music Director, David Kaynor. See Notes below for the many tunes David has composed.)

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Low harmony

Bass clef melody

Bass clef low harmony














Sheet Music in PDF:
Our Guiding Star – lead
Our Guiding Star – harmony
Our Guiding Star – low harmony
Our Guiding Star – bass clef melody
Our Guiding Star – bass clef low harmony

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Source: Robin Russell & Cynthia Thomas, arr: Peter Macfarlane

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Region: Vermont, USA

Notes: For links to many of the tunes David has composed, click here.

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