Quadrille des Lanciers (The Lancers)*

Key: G

Form: Jig


ded | "G"b2b "D7"a2a | "G"g2d ded | "D7/F#"c'2c' "G"B'2B' | "D7"a2z ded | 
"G"b2b "D7"a2a | "G"g2d ded | "C6"e2a "D7"def | "G"g2z ded |
 "D"F2F "G"G2G | "Ddim"^G2-"D"A "d".D"e".E"d".D | "c".C"d".D"c".C "b".B,"c".C"b".B, | "D7"A,2z ded | 
"G"b2b "D7"a2a | "Em"g2g "C"gfe | "G/D"d2B "D7"c2F | "G"G2z BcB|| 
"Em/B"e2eg2g | "B7"f2B BcB | "Em/B"e^de gfe |"B7" f3 B{d}cB | 
"Em"g2g "B7"f2f | "C"e2e "F/A"=f2f | "Em/B"e2e "B7"^d2 d |[1"Em"e2 z  :|[2 "Em"e2z z3 |]

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Source (if known): Olivier Métra (1856)

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Region: France

*Notes:  Jean Rhéaume contributed this tune as the 19th century original from which La Chaîne des Dames was adapted in Québec.  He writes,

The version [of Chaine des Dames] you have from Pascal is a « learned from oral tradition » very transformed version.
It is  the first movement from the « Quadrille des Lanciers » (The Lancers). 
The dance form «  Quadrille »  has been created in Dublin in 1818 by a french master dancer, M. Duval.
This is the ancestor of the «  contradance » , the «  Irish set dancing », The “American quadrille” and the Québécois « Set carré”.
It has been imported [was created?] in France by Olivier Métra who created the well-known music « The Lancers » . 
Here [above] is this first movement « Les tirroirs » but also called « Les Dames » (which became La chaîne des dames).