Staines Morris, aka Then Away to the Maypole

Key: Em

Form: March


X: 1 T: Staines Morris T: Then Away to the Maypole R: March C: Trad. Playford 1651 O: England, Staines Z: Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook 2014 (see Creative Commons cc by-nc-sa licenced. M: 2/2 L: 1/8 %Q: 1/2=60 K: Em |: "Em"B2 e2 "A"^c2 "B7"^d2 | "Em"e2 "D7"dc "G"B3 c | "G"dedc "(Em)"B2 AG | "B(m)"FEFG "Em"E4 :| [| "Em"GABc B2 AG | "Bm"FEFG "Em"E3 F | "G"GABc B2 AG | "D(B7)"FEFG "Em"E4 |] |: "G"G2 GG D2 D2 | "C"EFGA "G"B3 c | "G"dedc "(Em)"B2 AG | "B7"FEFG "Em"E4 :|


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Source (if known): Trad. Playford* 1651

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Region: England

Notes:  There seem to be dozens of versions of this tune, in several keys, minor, major and dorian.  See This page on JC’s ABC Tune Finder.

*I’m told that Playford is a British term meaning what North Americans know as English country dance.

We play the three parts AABCC.