Cherokee Shuffle

Key: A*

Form: Reel (Shuffle?)

ABC: (Bluegrass version*)

X: 2
T: Cherokee Shuffle
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
EF|:"A"A2 A2 c2Bc|BAF2E2 EF|A2 AB cde2|"F#m" f3g f4|
"D"a3b a2 f2|"A"efed c2AB|cBAc "E"BAFE|1"A"A4E2F2:|2"A"A4a2g2|]
[|"D"f3ga2f2|"A"efed c2ag|"D"fefg a2f2|"A"e3fe4|
"D"fefg a2f2|"A"efedc2AB|cBAB cde2|"F#m"f3gf2fg|"A"aegf "E"edcB|"A"A4a2g2|
"D"f3ga2f2|"A"efed c2ag|"D"fefg a2b2|"A"c'4c'4|
"D"fefg a2f2|"A"efedc2AB|cBAB cde2|"F#m"f3gf2fg|"A"aegf "E"edcB|"A"A4E2F2|]


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Bluegrass version

Old time version









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Cherokee Shuffle bluegrass
Cherokee Shuffle old time


Source (if known): Trad.

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Region: USA, Appalachia

*Notes: Site visitor Douglas Curnutte writes: “The BG version is in A with an 16 bar A part. The B part is crooked with 20 bars. The OT version is typically in D with crooked A and B parts at 20 bars each.”