Reel St-Joseph (Reel de Bellechasse, La Bistringue)*

Key:  D

Form: Reel


"D"d2fd "G"cdec | "D"defd A2dc | "G"B2gf "D/F#"edcB | "E7"AaaA "A7"aABc |
"D"d2fd "G"cdec | "D/F#"defd A2dc | "G"B2gf "D/F#"edcB |1 "E7"Af"A7"ec "D"d3A :|2 "E7"Af"A7"ec "D"d2Ad |:
"D"fdfa fdfa | "G"aggf g3f | "Em"edcB Aceg | "A7"baag a3g |
"D"fdfa fdfa | "G"aggf g3f | "Em"edcB Aceg |1 "A"fdec "D"d2ag :|2 "A"fdec "D"d3A |]

MP3: (Played by Susan Reid)

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Source (if known): Traditional?

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Region: Quebec

*Notes: This piece is also known as “La Bellechasse” (name of a Québécois county) and also “La Bistringue” (different from “La Bastringue”) –Jean Rhéaume