Key: Dm/D

Form: ?? dance


"A"| "Dm"AA z2 | AA z2 | "A7"A2 A2 | A2 z2 \
"B"|: "Dm"AA AF | AA AF | "A7"EE A>G | "Dm"FD D2 :|
w: Sa-sha, Sa-sha, ras dva tri...
w: Sa-sha, Sa-sha, one two three...
"C"|: "Gm"B2 B2 | "Dm"A2 A2 | "A7"AG FE | "Dm"D2 D2 :|[K:D]\
"D"|: "D"F2 A2 | d3 c | dc BA |
| "Em"G3 F | "A7"E2 G2 | c3 B \
|1 cB AG | "D"F3 E :|2 "A7"cA Bc | "D"d2 d2 |]

MP3:  (Played and explained by David Kaynor.)

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Source (if known): Trad?*

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Region: Russia

*Notes: From descriptive note for the above Video: “SCOV is Sun City in Oro Valley (Arizona). Instructor is Harvey Gardner. The SCOV dancers are saying “Sasha, Sasha, Raz Dva Tri” — “Sasha” is diminutive for “Alexander” and “raz, dva, tri” means “one, two, three.”