Kildare Fancy

Key: D*

Form: Hornpipe


X: 1
T: Kildare Fancy, The
Z: fiel
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
z6d3/2B/2|:"D"A3/2F/2D3/2F/2 A3/2F/2d3/2B/2|AB/2A/2F3/2A/2 f3/2e/2d3/2c/2|"_Bm"B3/2A/2B3/2f/2"G"g3/2e/2f3/2d/2|"A"e3/2d/2c3/2B/2 A2d3/2B/2|
"D"A3/2F/2D3/2F/2 A3/2F/2d3/2B/2|AB/2A/2F3/2A/2 f3/2e/2d3/2c/2|"^Bm"B3/2A/2B3/2f/2"G"g3/2e/2f3/2d/2|[1"A"e3/2c/2AB/2c/2"D"d4:||[2"A"e3/2c/2AB/2c/2"D"d2d3/2e/2||
|:f3/2d/2c3/2d/2 B3/2d/2A3/2F/2|"^Bm"D3/2d/2c3/2d/2 f3/2d/2c3/2d/2|"A"e3/2A/2AA/2A/2"D"f3/2A/2AA/2A/2|"A"ef/2e/2dc/2B/2 A2d3/2e/2|
"D"f3/2d/2c3/2d/2 B3/2d/2A3/2F/2|"^Bm"D3/2d/2c3/2d/2 f3/2d/2c3/2d/2|"A7"e3/2A/2f3/2A/2 g3/2A/2f3/2A/2|e3/2c/2AB/2c/2"D"d4:|


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Sheet Music in PDF: The Kildare Fancy 1


Source (if known): Trad? Can you help?

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Region: Ireland

*Notes: The guitar rendition in the second YouTube is played in F