Breton Schottische #2, aka La Luna Dins L’Aiga’

Key:  D*

Form: Schottische

ABC (in C major*):

X: 1
T:La luna dins l'aiga (Pierre-Marie Blaj)
C:Trad 2, 35
e2gf e2ge|fgaf d2ef|g2ge c2de|fedc BABc|\
e2gf e2ge|fgaf d2ef|g2c2 edcB|c4 c2B2:|
a2ag abc'2|b2ba g2e2|fgaf g2e2|fef^f g4|\
a2ag abc'2|b2ba g2e2|fgaf g2e2|1 dcBd c4:|2 g2^f2 g2=f2||

MP3: (Played by Susan Reid in D*)

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(Played in F* by Gilbert Hoek van Dijke and friends on accordion)

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Sheet Music:  Click image to enlarge. To download, right-click in enlarged image and "Save as...".  (Two versions in D and G. The latter is probably the original version by the composer, written in G for diatonic accordion.)


Youtube (This version in G*):

Source (if known): Peire Maria Blaja

Other Tunes in Set: Breton Schottische #1

Region: France, Brittany

*Notes: Thanks to Gilbert Hoek van Dijke for contributing the accordion recording and P. M. Blaja’s sheet music above, who writes, “The right title of this tune is ‘La Luna Dins L’Aiga’, a dance tune (scottische) written [by] Peire Maria Blaja. He is a diatonic accordeon player from Toulouse, France.”  He notes that the original score is in G major.

From another comment on this site: “Kerry Elkin, late fiddler from Massachusetts, recorded these tunes and stated that he’d learned them from a cassette tape by Serge Desaynay/Gilles LeBigot called “Tunes for America” which they self-produced to sell on during a tour in the United States in the 1980’s. There were only a few of these tapes made and not many survive. They are a great resource.”