Clychau Aberdyfi (Bells of Aberdovey)

Key: Gm*

Form: Air

ABC: (The G major version)*

T:Clychau Aberdyfi [Bells of Aberdovey]
S:Sian Phillips and Jodee from book.
H:Cerddoriaeth allan o opera Liberty Hall gan Charles Dibdin in Drury Lane
B3c B2A2|B2d2 D2c2|B3c B2A2|B2d2 D2c2|
B2A2 c2B2|A2d2 G2BG|E2A2 D2F2|G2G2 z4|
B4 G4|d4 B2B2|g6d2|d4 z2c2|
B2A2 c2B2|A2d2 G2BG|E2A2 D2F2|G2G2 z4||
B3c B2A2|G2B2 d2D2|E2A2 F2D2|D2G2 z4|
B3c B2A2|G2B2 d2B2|A2G2 F2E2|D2D2 z4|
c3B A2G2|A2d2 D2c2|B3A G2A2|B2d2 D2c2|
B2A2 c2B2|A2d2 G2BG|E2A2 D2F2|G2G2 z4||

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Source: See Notes below

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Region: Wales

*Notes: Sarah Hotchkiss writes of the MP3 above, “This is a Gm setting of a tune that is usually found in G major.  This was recorded by Sian Phillips and John Mowad in this album:   Sian Phillips and Danny Kilbride are the originators of performing this tune in Gm, I believe.  It most often appears in a major key (varying depending on the singer or player) as in the YouTube above.