Money in Both Pockets

Key:  D

Form:  Jig


X: 1
T: Money in Both Pockets
I: Money in Both Pockets	J-9	D	jig
M: 6/8
R: jig
F:	 2022-04-18 191707 UT
K: D
A| "D"d2F "A"FEF| "D"DFA AFD| d2F "A"FEF| "D"D2f fef|
   "D"d2F "A"FEF| "D"DFA AFD| "Em"EFE EFG| "A"BBB B2:|
|:A| "D"dfa afd| "A"cea ecA| "D"dfa afd| "G"g3 fga|
   "G"bag "D"agf| "A"ede "D"fdB| ABA AFA| "G"BBB B2 :|


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Source: Traditional

Other Tunes in Set: * (See Notes.)

Region: Ireland?

* Notes:  We play this with Banish Misfortune and Mortgage Burn as “the Obama set.”  ;~)