Far Away

Key: Bm

Form: Waltz


X: 1
T: Far Away
C: Peter Jung
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
FA |:"Bm" B3 F Bd |"A" cA F2 FA |"Bm" B3 F Be |"A" c4 dc |"G" B3 GBd|
"A" cAF2 de |"Bm" fed cBA |1 "Bm" B3 A "A" FA :|2 "Bm" B3 c de ||
|:"D" f2 fd fa |"A" ec A2 "(Bm)"de |"D" f2 fdfa |"A" e4 de |
"Bm" fdB "A" ecA | "G" dBG "A" cAF|FA "Bm" B2 "A" A2 |1 "Bm" B3 "A" c de:|2 "Bm" B4 z2||


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Source (if known): Peter Jung

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Region: USA?