Eighteen Fourteen (1814) aka slängpolska fra (from) Södermanland

Key: G

Form:  slängpolska


X: 1
T: 1814
N: Nedtecknad efter en inspelning av Bordunverkstan. Utlrd till nyckelharpsspelaren Magnus Holmstrm av Edward Anderzon p Eric Sahlstrminstitutets nyckelharpskurs 2001.
N: Lten lr komma frn en notsamling som r mrkt med rtalet 1814. Drav namnet.
Z: Nils L, 2008-06-06
R: Slngpolska
M: 3/4
K: G
L: 1/16
d2c2 B4 G4 | c2B2 A4 D4 | G2>F2 G2A2 B2c2 | d2de d2c2 B2c2 |
d2c2 B4 G4 | c2B2 A4 D4 | G2>F2 G2A2 B2c2 | A2F2 G8 ::
D2D2 D2D2 D2D2 | (D2E2) E2E2 E2F2 | G2>A2 B2A2 G2F2 | G4 (DE)DC B,2C2 |
D2D2 D2D2 D2D2 | (D2E2) E2E2 E2F2 | G2>A2 B2A2 G2F2 | G4 G8 :|

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Source (if known):  Traditional

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Region: Denmark

*Notes: The MP3 recording above is missing the repeat of the B part.  The tune us usually played in AABB sequence.

This Danish tune has been variously described as having been written in celebration of the amalgamation (?) of Sweden and Denmark in 1814 (?), see following comment.  Searches for “1814 tune” on Google yield only the entirely different “In 1814 we took a little trip / Along with Col. Jackson down the mighty Mississip.”

David Kaynor writes, “The latest information I have about “1814” is that it’s in a Swedish tune collection published in 1814 and is referred to simply as a slängpolska from Södermanland.”