Midnight on the Water

Key:  D

Form:  Waltz


DE |:
DE |: "D"F2 F2 FE |"D" F2 F2 FE|"D" F A3 AB|"D" AFED DE |
"D"F2 d2 "G"B2 |"D" A3 F DE |"A" F2 AF EF |1"D" D4 DE :|2"D" D4 (3ABc||
|:"D"d6|"D" dc BA Bc|"D" d3 B AF|"D" D4 d2|
"Em"e e3 f2|"Em" e2 d2 e2|"Bm"f a3 f2|"Bm"gfed Bc|
"G"d3 cde|"G" dc BA Bc |"D" d3 B AF |"D" D4 DE |
"D"F2 d2 "G"B2 |"D" A3 F DE |"A" F2 AF EF |"D" D4 ||/

MP3: (played by Susan Reid and Leeds Brewer)

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Source (if known): Luke Thomasson (Benny Thomasson copyright)

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Region: USA