Enkronapolskan (Enkronaspolskan)

Key: Am

Form: Polska or Slip Jig*


X: 1
T: Enkronaspolskan
Z: Mario
S: https://thesession.org/tunes/7890#setting7890
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
E2e3d e2B|d3 B2d c2B|A2^G ABc dBc|A2^G ABc ABG|
E2e2d2 e2B|d3 B2d c2B|A2^G ABc dBc|AB^G A3-A2G:|
|:E3-E2^G ABc|d2c2Ac B2A|^G2^F GA2 B2c|A2^G ABc ABG|
E2^G ABc d2d-|d2c2Ac B2A|^G2^F GA2 B2c|AB^G A3-A2G:|

MP3: (Played slowly for learning by Noa Zhivago.  For an up-to-speed rendition, check out the YouTube below.)

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Polska (3/4)

Slip Jig (9/8)







Sheet Music in PDF*:
Enkronapolskan (Polska)
Enkronaspolskan (Slip Jig)


Source: Trad.

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Region: Sweden (Dalarna)

*Notes: Despite being called a polska, a slip jig version appears on TheSession.org.  Both versions are shown in the sheet music above, but I’m only able to find ABC for the slip jig version, courtesy of The Session.