Danza de Albarellos (formerly mislabeled as Basque March*)

Key: G

Form:  March


X: 1
T: Danza De Albarellos
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"G""_(4)"DB BA|"G"GF/G/ "D"AA|Dc cB|"D""_1"AB/c/ "G""_2 3"d2|
"G""_4"DB BA|"G"GF/G/ "D"AA|DA AG|"D""_1"FE/F/ "G""_2 3"G2:|
"G""_4"Gd dd|"G"e/d/c/B/ "D"dc|A/B/c cB/c/|"_1"dc "_2"B"_3"A|
"G""_4"Gd dd|"G"e/d/c/B/ "D"dc|A/B/c cB|"G""_1"AB/A/ "_2 3"G2:|

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Source (if known):  Traditional

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Region: Galicia (Spain)

*Notes: A site contributor wrote, “It is not from basque country, this tune is from Galicia, an ancient kingdom in the northwest of Spain.”  Also, Galicia is said to have been settled in ancient times by Celtic tribes.

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