Chimes of Dunkirk (Les Carillons de Dunquerque)

Key: G

Form: Air?

MP3: (Played by David Kaynor)

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|: D | "G"G>A GF "C"E3 G | "Am"A>B AG "D"F3 F | "Em"GF ED "G7"^CA, "D"DG | F2 "A7"E2 "D"D3 :|
|: A | "G"B2 B2 "D"A3 B | "D7"c2 c2 "G"B3 d | "C"ed ef | "G"gf/e/ dc | B2 "D7"A2 "G"G3 :|

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Source (if known): Traditional

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Region: England (France?)


VFO Spr16