Repeal the Poll Tax

Key: A

Form: Reel


T:Repeal the Poll Tax
C:Sandy Mathers
AB | \
ceec dcBc | AFEF A2FA | B2BA cefe | afec B2AB |\
ceec dcBc | AFEF A2FA | B2BA cefe | afec A2 :: \
ce | \
f2fe faaf | feef c2ec | BBBA cefe | afec B2ce |\
f2fe faaf | feef c2ec | B2BA cefe | afec A2:|**
W:Copyright Sandy Mathers

MP3: (played by Gianna)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Repeal the Poll Tax


Source: Sandy Mathers (copyright)

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Region: Scotland

Notes: From the Traditional Tune Archive, this tune was “composed by Scottish fiddler Sandy Mathers, a member of a variety of bands who also plays different instruments. It was titled in response to the Margaret Thatcher-era Poll Tax, introduced into Scotland in 1989 and England and Wales a year later, and was a flat-rate per capita Community Charge, a fixed amount levied by local authorities. It was met with widespread and vociferous popular protests and was replaced by John Major in 1992 with a property tax.”