Dancing Bear

Key: Em

Form: Reel


X: 1
C: Bob McQuillen  2 Feb 78
B: Bob's Note Book 3 #21
N: I have a wonderful friend who is a Bear named Oso and this tune is for him because
N: he likes it. Barry Nielson likes it, too, and so its for him, too, with love from Mac.
Z: 2000 John Chambers
R: reel
M: C
L: 1/8
K: Em
|: "Em"EFGF EFGF | EFGA G2E2 |  "A"EFGF EFGF |     EFGA G2E2 |
|  "Em"EFGF EFGF | EFGA B2e2 | "B7"B2Bc BAGF | "Em"G2E2 E4  :|
|: "Em"e2ef gfef | gfe2 e4   |  "A"e2ef gfef |     gfe2 e4   |
|  "Em"e2ef gfef | gfe2 e2dc | "B7"BABc BcBA | "Em"GFE2 E4  :|

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Source: Bob McQuillen

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Region: USA, New England

*Notes: The sheet music above shows guitar chords per David Kaynor (who knew Bob McQuillen), a very nice arrangement but subtly different from the ABC and YouTube above. Played on solo fiddle, this tune seems a bit repetitive, but add the chords, especially the C chord at the beginning of the fourth line, and it becomes wonderful. Also, we like to play it three or four times, starting slowly and increasing the tempo with each repetition. The story goes that Bob McQuillen wrote this tune for a rather clumsy dancer.