L’Inconnu de Limoise (The Unknown Piper)

Key: G*

Form: Mazurka


X: 1
T: L'Inconnu De Limoise
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D G>A|:B2 B>G c>A|B2 B>B c>d|
c2 c>B A>G|A3 D G>A|B2 B>G c>A|
B2 B>B c>d|c2 c>B A>G|1 d3 D G>A:|2 d3 B c>d||
|:e2 g>f e>f|d2 d>c B>A|G>F G>A B>G|
D3 G G>F|E2 E>F G>A|G2F2E2|
F2 F>G A>B|1 A3B c>d:|2 G3||


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YouTube(The composer is (I think) the hirdy-gurdy player second from left.)

Source (if known): Jean François (Maxou) Heintzen

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Region: France

*Notes: This tune appears to be played in a wide variety of keys.  The ABC and sheet music above are in A while the MP3 and Youtube are in G.

“The name has a story behind it, as you might guess (although I’m hazy on the details). When they were doing some roadworks, or demolition, or moving a graveyard, or something like that in Limoise they came across a grave containing both a skeleton and the remains of a set of pipes. The grave was un-named, so the identity of the piper was unknown, but the story caught the imagination of the French folk world and M Heintzen penned the tune in the piper’s honour.”  –a comment on TheSession.org.