Minor Setbacks

Key: Dm

Form: Reel


T:Minor Setbacks
C:David A. Kaynor, May 2021
|:BA|"Gm"BGDC DGBA|BGDC D2Bc|"C"c2GD =EGcd|=egge "D7"^fddc|
"Gm"BGDC DGBA|BGDC D2Bc|"C"c2GD =EGcd|"D7"dcAD"Gm"G2:|    
|:ga|"Gm"bggf g2ga|bggf d2dB|"C"c2GD =EGcd|=egg=e "D7"^fdfa|
"Gm"bggf g2ga|bggfd2Bc|"C"c2GD =EGcd|"D7"dcAD"Gm"G2:|

MP3: (Played by Rebecca R, Weiss)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Minor Setbacks


Source: David A. Kaynor

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Region: Massachusetts, USA

Notes: David writes: “Minor Setbacks;

Recent setbacks seemed major at the time but became minor when considered in a larger context. Besides, the tune being minor, I’d feel silly titling it – Major – Setbacks. So Minor Setbacks it will be. And minor the setbacks have become.”

David composed this tune in 2021 on an eye-gaze computer using EasyABC while  he was dealing with ALS.