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Key: G Form: Reel ABC: |: d2 |B2 B2 A2 AB | G2 G2 G2 AB | cBcd edcB | A2 A2 A2 dc | B2 Bc A2 AB | G2 GF G2 AB | cBAG FGAF | G2 G2 G2 :| d2 |B2 gf e2 ed | dcBc A2 […]


Key: G Form: Jig ABC: |:d2c|B2B ABA|GAG G2A|B2B GAB| c3d2c|BcB ABA|GAG GAB|c2A FEF| G3:| |:z3|A2A A2G|E2F G2B|A2B c2d| e2d c2B|ABA A2G|E2F G2B|c2A B2G| A3:| |:B2c|d z2d3|DED D3|c z2c3| DED DEF|G2D G2A|B2G B2c|d2d cBA| G3:| MP3: Do you play this tune? Please contribute a non-copyrighted sound file (iPhone recording or equivalent is […]

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