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Key:  G Form:  Waltz ABC:  GA |: "G"B4 AG | "D"AB GA Bd | "C"e2 ed BA | "D"Bd A2 "Bm"AB | "Em"G3B AG | "C"EG DE GA | [1 "G"B2 dB AG | "D7"A4 GA :|2"G"B2BG A2 |"Dsus"G4 BA || "Em"G3A Bd | "C"e3d ef | "Em"g2 gf ed […]

April Waltz (aka Snow In April)

Key:  D Form:  Jig ABC: Can you help? MP3: Download this MP3  If it plays, right-click on the page and “Save as”. (Detailed instructions) Link (Midi or Youtube): And here it is as part of a set with the Holm Band Tune, played by members of the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra. […]

Aim’s Compliments to J. Craigie