Birks of Invermay (Inverney?), The

Key: G

Form: Strathspey*


|:B3c|d6e2 d3B A3G|A3G A3B E6G2|D3E D3B, D4 G3D|B,4 D3E D4 G3B|
d4 e2fg dB3 A3G|c3B A2G2 E4 B3A|G3E D3B, D4 G3A|B4 A3G G4 D3C|
B,6D2 E3D EG3|A3G AB3 E4e4|d3e d3B c3B AG3|c3d c3B A4 d3c|
B3d e3f g6e2|d3B A3G E4 B3A|G3E D3B, D4 G3A|B4 A3G G4:|


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Sheet Music in PDFBirks


Source (if known): Trad.

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Region: Scotland

*Notes: There seem to be MANY versions and variations of this old tune, in several keys.  The MP3 clip above is played in straight reel time, but most of the other sources have it as a very “dotted” strathspey, including the ABC, video and sheet music above.