Marche au Camp

Key: G*

Form: March


G| "G"Bcd B2G | DGA BGA | "G" Bcd B2G | DGF "Em"E3 |
"Em"EFG "C"DGF | EFG "G"BGG | | DGA "G"BAB |1"G"dBG "D"A2:|2 "D"cAF "G"G3||
|:"D"A2A ABc | "D"A2A ABc |"G" B2B BcB | "G"dBG GAB |
"D"A2A ABc | "D"A2A ABc | "G"Bcd gdB | "D"ABA "G"G3:||


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Source (if known): Jean-Paul Loyer

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Region: Quebec

*Notes: Thanks to Phil Schappert who writes, via the suggestion form: “I found Marche au Camp, [in] “Danse ce Soir: fiddle and accordion music of Quebec” by Laurie Hart & Greg Sandell…(tune #114, pp. 157)”.  He notes that it is given there in the key of F.