Homer Spit, The

Key: D

Form: Hornpipe


X: 1
T: The Homer Spit
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:D3E FEFG|Addc d3e|f3e dedB| =c2 A2 A2 de|
f3e dedB|=c2 (3ABc dcAG|FD (3EFG AFGE|1 F2 D2 D2 AF:|2 F2 D2D2 fg||
|:afge d2 fg|afge d2 AG| DEFG A^GAB|=c2 A2 A2 fg|
afge d2 fg|afge dcAG|FD (3EFG AFGE|1 F2 D2 D2 fg:|2 F2 D2 D2 AF|]


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Sheet Music in PDF: The Homer Spit

YouTube: (A slightly different version)

Source: Randal Bays

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Region: Alaska

Notes: Homer is a town on the south coast of Alaska.  Can you spot the Spit in this image?