First of Spring, The

Key: C

Form: Jig

ABCCan you help?

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Sheet Music in PDF:
The First of Spring
The First of Spring harmonies*


Source: Peter Clayton (copyright)

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Region: England

Notes: Peter writesL “I completed this melody on 20th March 2021, the spring equinox, so I called it ‘The First of Spring’. Anyone who would like to have fun creating an alternate name could call it ‘The First (insert preferred noun) of Spring’.”

*Regarding the harmonies, Peter notes, “The two harmony parts are intended as a starting point only. They work for me but I’m sure some of you will be able to write more interesting parts – please do!  Also, you will notice that the lower harmony drifts at times above the first harmony and the melody. I should think this is bad form but, as I say, it works for me!”