Fair-haired Child, The

Key: Fm*

Form: Air*

ABC: *

T:Fair-Haired Child [3], The
B:Bunting - A General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland (1796, No. 13, p. 7)
Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion
"Slow"(3A/B/c/|d2 (e/d/) ^cde|f>gf e2A|(BAG) (FGA)|~c>(de/c/) A2 (3A/B/^c/|
d2 e/d/ (^cd).e|(f>gf e2) F/G/|.A.F.A .G.F.E|(D3 D2)||
D(F/G/A/=B/) cA(A|=B)G(G c).A.A|D(F/G/A/=B/) cA(e|f)dg/f/ {f}[^c2e2]d|
{d}(cAF) (GF)[^CE]|D3-[A,3D3]|D(F/G/A/=B/) c(A/B/c/A/)|.=B(G/A/B/G/) .c(A/B/c/A/)|
(DF/G/A/=B/) (cA)[Ae]-|[Af]d/a/g/f/ {f}[^c2e2]d|c(B/A/)(G/F/) [EG]-[DF]E|D3-D2||

MP3: (courtesy of Sarah Blair)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Fair Haired Child*


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Source (if known): Trad.

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Region: Ireland

*Notes: There seems to be considerable confusion on the web as to this tune.  Versions which may be distantly related to the tune as played by Sarah Blair appear in Dm and in different time signatures. Also there appear to be at least two quite different tunes with similar names.  The ABC and sheet music above vary considerably from the MP3 recording.  Any help with more accurate notation to match the recording would be much appreciated.

The title is variously spelled “The Fairhaired Child” or “The Fair Haired Child”.