English Country Garden, An

Key: C*

Form: Song


T:An English Country Garden     (2x)
C: England
C: arr. T. Traub 5-20-02
Z: from www.contemplator.com/tunebook/englmidi.htm
M: C
|: "C"c c/B/ "F"A A|"G"G/A/G/F/ "C"E E/F/|"C"G C "F"D F|"G"E>D "C"C2 :|
"C"c c/A/ "G"B G| "C"c c/A/ "G"B G| "Am"c c/B/ "D"A c| "G"B A G A/B/ |
"C"c c/B/ "F"A A|"G"G/A/G/F/ "C"E E/F/|"C"G C "F"D F|"G"E>D "C"C2 |]

MP3: (played by Pam Bockes)*

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Sheet Music in PDF: An English Country Garden

YouTube: (Sung and whistled by Jimmie Rodgers(!))

Source: Trad.

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Region: England

Notes: The MP3 clip above is played in G.