Key: G*

Form: Song


X: 1
g2 g2 f2|e4 A4-|A2 B2 c2 d2|B3 A G4-|G2 G2 A2 B2|
c4 E4-|E2 F2 G3 G|G8-|[1 G2 :|2 G2 d2 g2 a2|b8-|
bgab c'2 b2|a3 f d4-|d2 dd g2 a2|b8-|bgab c'2 b2|
a8-|a2 g2 g3 f|e4 A4-|A2 AB c2 d2|B3 A G4-|
G2 G2 A3 B|c4 E4-|E2 F2 G3 G|G8-|G2||

MP3: (Played by Randy Hough)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Carrickfergus

YouTube: The graphics in this video are weird but Louden Wainwright sings it well and the words are clear.

Source (if known): Trad? Can you help?

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Region: Ireland

*Notes: Known mainly as a song, Carrickfergus is played in several keys depending on the singer’s vocal range, D in the YouTube above.